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Two New U Life Members Receive International Chairman Award, Share Key to International Success

You might have remembered some major recognition at this year’s virtual .comvention as we awarded some of our New U Life family for their hard work and contributions. If you didn’t see .comvention, you can rewatch all the sessions here.

This year, New U Life recognized two very special individuals for the International Chairman Award, Ambr and Dean De Grasse. This award was given to the De Grasse’s for their amazing contributions to international growth by affecting multiple international markets. Other criteria for the award included having top international growth, top income generated from international markets, and top production of diamonds in their team.

We had a chat with the De Grasse’s about their personal business experience leading up to receiving this award. See what it took for them in just a couple years to reach their goals internationally. 

Why did you join New U Life and how long have you been a part of New U Life? 

SomaDermSomaDerm is an unstoppable health movement and we wanted to help wrap it around the entire world! We started our journey 26 months ago. 

 What are some small or major successes you’ve had in your business this year that led up to you receiving this award?  

We just celebrated achieving over 200 Diamonds in our team. 

 What were some things that contributed to your success in international markets?  

We have lived all across Asia in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia & Singapore. Our business partners and best friends are Chinese. We have been doing business overseas for over 20 years. Our philosophy is still the same. Build local and grow global. 

What are some challenges doing business internationally?

“Like any business there are going to be challenges. Doing business internationally you are dealing with different cultures, language, and mindset.”

What work did you put in daily to achieve your goals?

“The way we do one thing is how we do all things. We are all in! If you truly want to make an impact in the world then what wouldn’t you do to create it. It’s all about making a difference in others’ lives. Once you have experienced freedom, you want to help others achieve that gift.”

What was going through your minds when you found out you were receiving this award?

“Our team! Anytime we do anything we want to see our leaders rewarded. We are most excited to see them follow in our footsteps. We were grateful that we could be the first person to achieve this.”

What motivates you?

“The ability to capitalize on the company in the early stages.”

Some advice for distributors trying to grow their business internationally.

“Start local. Someone you know will know someone in other markets.”

How will you continue to grow from here?

“We feel we are just beginning. Right now is the BEST time to be a part of New U Life.”

What is some general advice for those just joining New U Life?

“Get started and become a product of the product. Your body is the only place you have to live.”


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